Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bump In The Road

I posted this picture on facebook and didn't think it would need a lot of explanation, but many thought I was just posting a picture of my lady lumps, so I'll make this easy. I've got a new running buddy, and he's with me all the time!

Today marks the end of week 22 (yep, it's another boy), so I'm officially in the second half of my pregnancy and still hitting the road on a pretty regular basis. Along with running (galloway method running, with a 3:1.5 ratio), I've added a Tuesday spin class that is wicked hard and I make it to about twice per month, and bootcamp at 6am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is the first pregnancy that I've really exercised through; the occasional walk on a treadmill or swim in the lap pool got me through the two prior, but weren't really challenging and certainly didn't stave off a massive weight gain.

I thought that I would feel terrible running while pregnant, but it's turned out that I feel a whole lot worse on the days I don't do something physical, than on the days I do. Bootcamp is on a three weeks on, one week off schedule, and the week off KILLS me, because I am clearly motivated by the herd mentality and do not do the workouts they give us to do on our own with any kind of religious fervor.

In addition to this running buddy, my darling H has shown me that he is a completely different kiddo in school when he's getting a lot of physical outlet in the other parts of his life. It's a good thing I've already established a love for moving my booty because this kids' gonna keep me on my toes! I'm planning to run a local 10k in mid-May, but realized that pushing the jogger with both kiddos on board is getting more and more challenging. Pushing about 100 pounds of kid and stroller, while 'carrying' another peanut is a challenge.

And he's off with a bang!
That established, I decided it was high time I made H pull his own weight. Literally. I bought him his first pair of 'real' running shoes, and he went with me to a local park today to jog around the trail. At each bench, for our OYO (on your own) workout, we were supposed to stop and do step-ups and push-ups, so that gave H a little break. Each loop is only .7 miles, but by the time we'd finished two of them, he was done and I was just happy he'd humored me for that long. Obviously, I'm not expecting him to do even half of that first 10k without jumping in the stroller, but any interval without having both kiddos to push will be a welcome respite.

One boy at my side, and one just along for the ride.
Today was also another first for me; the first run in which each footstrike on the ground brought with it the urge to pee. Time to invest in a good maternity support band to give the ole bladder a break. Any suggestions?

Until the next time I find a second to breathe and dash out a post, happy trails!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Everyday Inspirations

This morning as soon as the girls wake up, we will be packing up the car and heading to my parents for a long weekend. Ever since I made the plans about a week ago, I have been envisioning the roads by my childhood home, one of my favorite places to run. Around mid-week SallyHP emailed saying she and the boys would be coming as well, making me even more excited to get in a couple of runs over the weekend.

The "Why make time to run?" question can always be answered by a simple statement - it feels great. Yet, obviously, I still struggle making it a regular part of my life. I always enjoy inspirations that come at just the right time to help me keep working toward running more consistently.

Lately three have been standing out. I have been reading Slow Fat Triathlete, just like Sherri since SallyHP bought us both a copy. I also recently read a few posts that caught my attention - neither of which I came upon by skimming "running blogs".

I frequently check the A Year at Reading blog, which typically has education related posts; however, last year Franki posted about reading Run Like a Mother around the same time that I was reading the book. Recently (about one year later), she posted about her fascination with running, without ever actually running. This year she is determined to get started. I always love reading about people stepping out of their comfort zones and making healthy steps (as with Slow Fat Triathlete). I look forward to hearing more about Franki's journey this year. (Edited 1/16/12: I just noticed that Franki and Sara Kajder started a blog Reading Teachers Running - so excited.)

The second blog that caught my attention was one that a scrapbooking blog mentioned. Elise Blaha heard about the concept of running a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years and wrote a post to reflect on her experience. At the top of her post she has a great photo collage of her shoes in different locations - with fall leaves, on a treadmill, on the beach... It's a great post talking about creating a running habit.

What everyday inspirations inspire you to start (and keep) running?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Take 2

Around this time last year my sisters decided to start this blog. I quickly jumped in to see if I could join them. 2011 was by far the best year of my adult life for incorporating more exercise into my regular routine; however, it ended up being hit and miss. There were months when I was doing great but at the expense of other aspects in my life. In an attempt to regain balance, exercise often went to the wayside. Then I would try to weave exercise in, and the cycle would continue.

Yet, I am determined to keep on trying, working toward achieving that balance and prioritizing in order to find a place for exercise. The girls went back to school this week, but my winter term does not start until next week. Originally, I was going to spend the week at the office, but Sunday night I realized that I would be able to complete what I needed to in two days, leaving the other three for the rare occasion when I get to be home by myself.

When considering what I would want to do during those prime hours, going for a jog outside popped into mind. This morning I laced up my shoes, put a scarf around my neck and headed out the door for a combo walk/jog. The last time I did so was back in September before fall term started. My husband's and my work schedules clash. It is still dark when I leave for work and by the time my husband gets home, it is once again dark. I'm either working or with the girls, and I haven't quite figured out how to get in some outdoor exercise on a regular basis.

This week I plan on one more outdoor jog Friday, and after that, it will be back to my regular work schedule. I know that it will be feasible to get in at least one weekend run before my husband goes to work. I just need to get myself motivated to do so consistently without letting obstacles get in the way, such as sleeping in or staying warm and cozy inside the house.

I'm looking forward to the spring when the day light hours will accommodate running more regularly during the week, but until then, I will enjoy my weekend runs and focus on cardio and strength work out videos at home during the week.