Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bump In The Road

I posted this picture on facebook and didn't think it would need a lot of explanation, but many thought I was just posting a picture of my lady lumps, so I'll make this easy. I've got a new running buddy, and he's with me all the time!

Today marks the end of week 22 (yep, it's another boy), so I'm officially in the second half of my pregnancy and still hitting the road on a pretty regular basis. Along with running (galloway method running, with a 3:1.5 ratio), I've added a Tuesday spin class that is wicked hard and I make it to about twice per month, and bootcamp at 6am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is the first pregnancy that I've really exercised through; the occasional walk on a treadmill or swim in the lap pool got me through the two prior, but weren't really challenging and certainly didn't stave off a massive weight gain.

I thought that I would feel terrible running while pregnant, but it's turned out that I feel a whole lot worse on the days I don't do something physical, than on the days I do. Bootcamp is on a three weeks on, one week off schedule, and the week off KILLS me, because I am clearly motivated by the herd mentality and do not do the workouts they give us to do on our own with any kind of religious fervor.

In addition to this running buddy, my darling H has shown me that he is a completely different kiddo in school when he's getting a lot of physical outlet in the other parts of his life. It's a good thing I've already established a love for moving my booty because this kids' gonna keep me on my toes! I'm planning to run a local 10k in mid-May, but realized that pushing the jogger with both kiddos on board is getting more and more challenging. Pushing about 100 pounds of kid and stroller, while 'carrying' another peanut is a challenge.

And he's off with a bang!
That established, I decided it was high time I made H pull his own weight. Literally. I bought him his first pair of 'real' running shoes, and he went with me to a local park today to jog around the trail. At each bench, for our OYO (on your own) workout, we were supposed to stop and do step-ups and push-ups, so that gave H a little break. Each loop is only .7 miles, but by the time we'd finished two of them, he was done and I was just happy he'd humored me for that long. Obviously, I'm not expecting him to do even half of that first 10k without jumping in the stroller, but any interval without having both kiddos to push will be a welcome respite.

One boy at my side, and one just along for the ride.
Today was also another first for me; the first run in which each footstrike on the ground brought with it the urge to pee. Time to invest in a good maternity support band to give the ole bladder a break. Any suggestions?

Until the next time I find a second to breathe and dash out a post, happy trails!