Friday, August 26, 2011

I Feel the Need...

This week during my speed workout, I felt like I had a total breakthrough. It was probably the best speed workout I've had to date, although it was fairly short. I always struggled with my speed days during marathon training and, frankly, usually ended up doing an interval run instead of what was assigned. This time around, I've promised to follow Mr. Higdon's plan.

7x400. That sounds so easy, right? If not easy, I finally felt strong through my workout and I think the trick was that I'd been recovering for too long before. When I went to the track, I'd run a 400 then lollygag for a full lap until it was time to go again. And I hated every second of it. I also tried running up and down the main road in front of my neighborhood since it's fairly flat and I just felt like a tool. Nobody wants to see a chubby girl sprinting up and down the street, they just think you're mentally ill or fodder for sympathy.

This time I went to the trusty Y and stepped on the treadmill. Armed with a great playlist (Brittney, you may be one hot mess, but God bless you for your additions to my playlist) and a towel to sop up the sweat, I decided I would just look ahead and recover until I was just starting to breathe normally again and then I'd peek at how long it had taken me. Turns out, a tenth of a mile was just about perfect-almost a third less than the full quarter mile I was doing before. I was able to do each repeat a little faster than the one before and I felt great during my recovery portions. I left after a short cool-down and felt great and, dare I say, even excited about my next speed workout.

I signed up for a boot camp that will start next week, and I'm nervous. I've been exercising consistently, sure, but not in a group. Or with weights. With my jiggly bits on display. Aye aye aye, but I'm determined to get my speed up and I've heard that strength training is key, so here goes.

I've been super conscientious about what I eat lately, along with drinking tons of water and I think that may have played into it as well. We'll see for sure tomorrow during my long run, but I feel better than I have in a long time and I've even cut out caffeine without really meaning to. Seriously, how did that happen?!
(Not so) Fried rice.
Wilt 2 handfuls of chopped chard in a non-stick pan, toss in grape tomatoes and some cooked brown rice, top with fresh cilantro and  1/4 c. non-fat feta, drizzle with 1T olive oil and you've got all your food bases covered!

If you've never heard of the Game On! diet, it's a fun way to get in the habit of eating healthfully, sleeping adequately, exercising regularly and instituting good habits. All while competing with your friends for a prize at the end of a four week period. When I say eating healthfully, I'm not kidding; no white sugar or white flour, the only sweeteners you can use are honey, pure maple syrup or agave nectar, at least 3 liters of water consumed daily, 5 meals a day spaced 2-4 hours apart, and at least two of those meals have to have 2 heaping handfuls of greens. So, basically, everything you knew you were supposed to be doing anyhow, but now there's a prize involved so you do it.

I don't love that it's called a diet, really it should be called the Game On! Lifestyle Challenge, because that's what it is. There are no crazy powders or potions that you have to buy in bulk, no frozen meals that are packaged and processed, no high fees (except your grocery bill when you adjust to buying what should have been in your pantry all along), just good old fashioned will power and a little tush movement every day.

It reminds me of this Mad TV skit...still one of my favorites!

What are you doing to switch up your workouts or tweak your training for more challenges?

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  1. Good work! I struggle with sped work, but seem most likely to finish a sped workout on a treadmill. I think the peer rpessure works for me. I want to play this Game On! game!