Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where in the World is Sally HP?

Where, oh where have I been?! Running! That's where! I knew that marathon training would be a huge drain on the precious resource of my time, but I was completely unprepared for the mental and emotional toll it would take. I've said to anyone and everyone who will list that I'll never again train for a full while I have kids that are not school-aged.

Yes, I am aware that when you say never, it usually means that you will end up doing it. That said, I really hope that if I do, I've had the foresight to wait until I'm off the waiting list for the cleaning service because pretty soon Children's Services is going to have to wade in and extract my children from the nuclear fall-out that is my home these days.  Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but for the first time, I'm unable to keep up on the laundry. Add in that my beloved has decided this is the perfect time to train for his first Olympic distance tri, a blessed event which is scheduled for the weekend before my marathon, and I've got not only our usual barrage of scrubs, footie pj's and grass-stained pants, but enough sweaty, stinky workout gear to choke a horse. Or a laundry basket.

In spite of that, I'm learning so much. I have embraced the joyous hurt so good of the ice bath and the foam roller, while at the same time re-inforced (through an unfortunate mile 10 experience at last week's half) that I really cannot stomach, or swallow, electrolyte replacers in gel form. Seriously, am I the only one that thinks the consistency and salt content are reminiscent of, well, use your imagination.

Lastly, I've now run further than I ever have before, with a successful 16.5 mile run two weekends ago that was broken into a 10 and 6.5 so that I'd have time to shower and go to my best friend's bridal shower in the middle. Last weekend I finally broke the three hour barrier for a half-marathon! I headed up to Portland with the fam where we played in the pool at the hotel and carbo-loaded at Old Spaghetti Factory with my bff and her family. The next morning we headed off to run in the Vernonia Half Marathon/Marathon.

It was a gorgeous trail course and, because I took the early start, I got to finish with people who are significantly faster than me. It was such a great momentum-builder to see those people rushing by and I was able to, at least in my head, follow their cadence and kick it in in the end. Speaking of kicking it in the end, I was almost late for he early start, as I rolled up to the starting line with only 20 seconds to spare. But, believe me, no porta-potty could have come soon enough for what I needed to do prior to heading out on that run. One more medal added to the rack!

Every week, I'm reaffirming my belief in myself as I head out thinking 'What in the world have I signed up for?!' and return home thanking whatever force that my body has held together and done what it's designed to do for yet another long run before sinking into the icy clutches of recovery.

Oh, did I forget to add that I'm also continuing in my endeavor to have Operation: Decorated House completed by the end of summer, complete with DIY tiled backsplash in the tub and a huge backyard renovation? Unfortunately, Old Man Weather waits for no man, or woman, so marathon training or not, the yard has to be planted before d-day so I'll be squeezing it all in somehow.

Thank god running is a therapy replacer, or I'd be headed for the loony bin! How have you been fitting it all in these days?

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  1. Yay! You're back! I've missed reading your posts. Yes, marathon training takes a toll on the body/family/domestic chores...but you are accomplishing so much for yourself right now. I'm proud of you and all you are doing!!!