Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Words to Run By

You can make your running into whatever you want it to be. You can go for the gold, or you can simply set out to achieve something you never dreamed possible (even if no one else notices). 
-Amby Burfoot in the foreword to Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running

I am still discovering what my goals will be with running. Most immediately I am gearing up for the May 12K. This weekend some of the fear dissipated when I went for a run with my sister. I continue to think about what my goals will be after the quickly approaching 12K.

Sister #3 and I are going to try to go to the Portland and Seattle Ben Does Life 5Ks this summer if it still works out in our schedules once the official dates are set. I'm trying to decide if my running lengths and typical entry length for races will be 5K, the same length from my cross country days, or if I will eventually want to train for a half marathon. There is a half marathon close to my community each fall. At this point I cannot ever imagine myself training for a marathon, but maybe some day I will get to that point.

Regardless, for now I am just basking in the great feeling that comes along with knowing that I am running again. Though there is often an internal dialogue debating about whether or not I should go, based on the weather or anything else, once I actually get to the road, I never regret it. I know that right now training for the 12K has been extra motivation, so I will have to make a conscious effort to continue running after the race.

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