Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lost Sole

So, anyway, running. You've heard my story, my updates, my lament about "going it alone" in the race for both PhD and physical fitness. And yet, here I sit. I am not running. For two three weeks now. I read about my sole sisters' progress and think, "Yeah!" I can picture #3's long blonde ponytail swish-swishing with each foot fall on the pavement in her neighborhood. I can see #2's furrowed brow as she looks ahead to the place where she used to stop and walk but this time she'll blow past it. I am sitting on the sidelines, inert but inspired, and a little voice whispers in my ear, "What's your deal?"

I read about their plans to run together this weekend during a visit to my hometown and I can imagine just where they will run. I close my eyes and I can see every mile marker, fence post, and painted pasture gate on the five-mile loop in my home town. They'll start to the tempo of Little Creek and head toward the winding, paved loop that will take them up a hill whose summit is marked by our old school bus driver's horse barn and two-tone trailer. They'll probably use the silver-painted rock at the fork in the road to High Valley as their destination. What I wouldn't give to join them on their Saturday run together, but instead I need to visualize my own route. My road will be banked by fallow corn and soybean fields instead of mountains. I'll rouse my 6' 5" partner out of bed and bring him along in lieu of my Sole Sisters. And I'll mark different milestones in my new hometown.

I hope I can go all Phil Knight on myself and Just Do It.


  1. We will be thinking about you this weekend. You will have to come this summer so we can run together!

    It has really been helping me that the weather is getting nicer. I keep on wondering if by next year I will be more of a year-round runner in any season. This year it was so difficult to motivate myself outdoors when it was still cold, and I know my winter is much more mild than yours.

  2. Ooh, sherrific, I can't wait to run with you. Your life is going to settle before you know it. You're on the home stretch and that 5k in April is going to go great. We'll say hi to the triangle for you :)