Sunday, June 12, 2011

Running Solo (Or Not)

As I have been working to get back into running consistently on a regular basis (or exercising in general for that matter), I have realized that I still have a long way to go until it seems like it is just part of my life. The Bloomsday run was so fulfilling, not only my longest run (at least in my adult life for sure), but it was also adrenaline filled. It made me think back to the run that I did along side my sister and her friend earlier in the spring. The three of us started out together and very shortly after her friend was off in front of us. My sister and I stuck together for a little under half before we also split off into our own paces. When we got back her friend said something along the lines of, "Thanks for inviting me; it was fun."

I thought that was funny considering we did not run together and it seemed like it would have been just as easy to each go out and run on our own - only as I am learning, that is not necessarily the case. At Bloomsday, there were times when I was with my sister and times when I was on my own, trying to block out all the other runners and walkers and just focus on myself and determine a comfortable pace without worrying about others. Only, the others made a huge difference in getting up and moving.

Since I will not have a 50,000+ group of people to motivate me each time I want to go for a jog (shock), or even one other person, I need to continue to work on making those first steps out the door my desired number of days per week and easing into my running zone when there is no one but myself to get me going! Once I am out there, and of course when I finish, it always feels great. Yet, just getting myself out there is often a big enough obstacle on its own, even though it should not be.

To be perfectly honest, today when I went for a walk/run with my sister was the first time that I went for a run since Bloomsday. So now you know why I haven't been posting a lot - because I haven't been running a lot! Luckily, I have been going to the gym more frequently, but again, I am much better at going when it is for a class or an appointment or to meet a friend.

I would love to hear what others do to push themselves to stick to solo running plans.

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