Friday, January 7, 2011

Run For The Bling Of It

I entered the Run For the Bling Of It challenge, because I wanted to keep myself motivated, not only in training for my first full marathon (gulp), but after it as well. I have a creeping feeling that I'll cross that finish line and not ever want to take a running step again. I'm hoping that having some smaller races lined up, including a fun local Duathlon called The Aquaman (run, swim, run), will help me lace those sneaks back up in a reasonable time after Newport on June 4th.

If you know of a great fun run in the Oregon/Idaho/Washington area (ideally east of the Cascades) let me know! Here's my schedule so far:

3/26: Badger Mountain Challenge (15k)-Tri-Cities, WA
5/1: Bloomsday (12k)-Spokane, WA
5/14: Windermere Marathon (half)-Spokane, WA
6/4: Newport, Marathon (FULL!!!)-Newport, OR
6/18: See Jane Run (5k)-Boise, ID
8/19: Aquaman Duathlon (2mi, .5 mi., 3mi)-Richland, WA
9/11: P-Town Swim for Life (1.5 mi)...not a run, but still on my schedule
TBA: Nike Women's Half (lottery and unknown date so far)

After each even, I'll be writing a race report, which will be posted here and linked on the Run For The Bling of IT. I'm excited about this challenge, not just because it will keep me motivated, but because it will be so awesome to see all the reports from women all over the country, and possibly open me up to new races in fun, new places.


  1. It will be exciting to see all of your updates! I think it is a great idea that you have a line-up of races and most importantly to have some after the marathon. That was smart thinking. I will need to keep that in mind to always have a next point to look forward to.

  2. Your line-up is inspiring me, really! I have only 1 race lined up so far. Gotta get some more! I can't wait read your race reports!!!

  3. I LOVE the Aquaman (though it should be AquaWOMAN) race...and can't wait to follow along on your journey. I am so proud of you - you made your own team...