Monday, January 17, 2011

Week One, Sister #2

As Kyle and I turned the corner back to our neighborhood on Saturday morning, we huffed, almost in unison, "We did it!" The "it" that we did was to complete our first full week of running. Three whole miles That's three more than last week, or the week before, and even, well, ever in our lives together. We had stopped and started exercise routines more times than a Geo Metro driving uphill. But this week, we did what we promised we would: to ourselves, to each other, to my Sole Sisters, and really, to the world wide web. And for some reason, that seemed to be the trick.

Now, I know studies show that it takes a whole lot more than a promise kept for a week to make a lifestyle change, but I am encouraged nonetheless. And we already feel different. My husband, who has for close to a year been having trouble going to sleep, has had almost a week of restful nights. Whether or not this coincides with the fact that I got a job last week and he no longer has to face the possibility of living with an unemployed PhD, I'll never know. But, again with the encouragement. As for me, I sleep like a baby no matter what crap is going down in my waking hours, but I found another benefit: I am finding a new sort of esteem that comes from saying, "I'm a runner." Even though that definition for me means "I am a runner who runs around her block for now," it's a return to something that feels really good.

So, for Sole Sisters and Brothers everywhere who wonder where they might find the inspiration to get off the couch and on the road, I can tell you that you're sitting on it right now.  It's your own, big ole beautiful bum that can get you going and nothing else. And not to get all Phil Knight on you, but you just have to do it. You can because I, who has the genetic disposition to hunker down in the winter and eat starch, did it. I did it in the cold and snow without any fancy running gear for just 20 minutes out of our day. And I'm looking forward to this week...


  1. I love you Sherri! Just so you know, I am following every word you & your sisters are writing. I have been working out regularly since July, and even though every evening after work when I lace up my grungy New Balance's, grumbling & fighting the urge to have a glass of wine & chips & salsa instead, I think about how much I like (love) my new (fit but still big ole!) beautiful bum, how happy I feel to have calf muscles. Now, when I feel like the day was altogether too much & want to give myself a break, it is a true luxury, not just another lazy evening.

  2. Here's to a great second week!