Friday, February 4, 2011

36k for Miracles

I recently got invited by Doug W. over at Really Not A Runner ,who's also from my old stomping grounds in MA, to participate in a virtual race to benefit Boston Children's hospital.

It's pretty simple; you run either a 5k, a 10k a half-marathon or the full 32k on March 20th then post your results and a picture of yourself (if you wish) to him.

The cost is super low; $5 for 5k, $10 for 10k, 13.1 (really 14) for half marathon and $32 for the 32k. Doug is going to be running all of the races consecutively on race day and if anyone beats his time on that day, they'll get a winner certificate and bragging rights. Really, it's all about the charity and having a great reason other than your shrinking behind to hit the road that day.

I'm so excited that this is the same weekend that I'll be in my hometown celebrating baby sis' 30th birthday and we were planning to run together anyhow. I'm signed up for the half-marathon, she'll do the 5 or 10k.

Check out the description of the race at 36K for Miracles on DailyMile. If you're not already a member at Daily Mile, it's a great way to track your workouts, and see great progress. It's also the way I met Melody and learned about the Worcester running group, so it'll always have a special place in my cold, cold heart.

Male and Female winners of each distance will receive a RoadID and there are some door prizes available for slow-mo's like me who happen to be good at social networking. So join up, buttercups, or I'll be left without a chance for bling!


  1. I am glad that you told me about this. I am still debating between 5K and 10K. Thursday I was happy when running my 2 miles knowing that if I needed to do a 5K today I would be able to. If I keep on bumping up my mileage, it will probably be realistic to do a 10K at that time. I'll keep thinking over the weekend, but maybe that would be a good goal to have.

  2. Thanks so much for the AWESOME blog post! You rock!

  3. SWEET! Doug is AWESOME and I heart him to pieces.. LMAO .. "your cold cold heart". YA RIGHT! Miss ya Sara!

  4. What a great post! I echo what Melody said - I heart Doug to pieces and to take on the challenge of running and fund raising when there was so much going on in his personal life speaks to the kind of guy Doug is. We'll be helping out at the old homestead that weekend providing team support! Have fun