Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Me and My Shadow

On Tuesday, I had the best run I've had in awhile. Instead of walking the first .2 miles like I had been, I decided to just go. I had a specific physical landmark in mind, and I was going to try really hard not to look at Pam for reference until I got there. If I was honestly too tired when I got to that point, I could walk. If not, it was on to the next landmark. Not only was I not tired, but I ended up making it to three more landmarks and only then did I walk, and for only a minute. Not because I was exhausted, but because my pace was slipping and I was hoping that a break would give me a little reset. I walked that one time, and it was for a pre-determined period. My first and last miles were sub 11.5, which is awesome for me, and my slowest mile was mile 3. 

I was dressed in layers, but I was soon sweating and reveling in the bold sunshine. I glanced to my left and realized that part of the reason I love running outside is being able to see my shadow. Much like my compression tights, my shadow (at certain times when the angles aren't too obtuse and out of proportion) helps reinforce in my mind the best representation of me. I see rounded hips and thighs working as they stride forward, broad shoulders and yes, that uber-round booty trailing behind. I'll never have a small butt, or slim thighs, but that's just the way the DNA cookie crumbles. And it's alright with me.

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