Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Words to Run By

No matter what is going on in my life, whether I’m sad, angry, frustrated, happy, bored, hungry, full, sleepy or antsy, going out for a run makes everything better. 
-From a post at Janine Does Life titled Running Makes Everything Better

Choosing to start running again in the winter months was in some ways not the best time of year to get started. Even though I loved the way it felt finally getting in an outdoor run, despite the colder weather, I only went on three outdoor runs in January. Though I did have many great shorter runs on the treadmill, when thinking over the different workouts I have been doing recently, very few are ones where I just go for a run. Even at the gym, I never go just to run on the treadmill.

In February, especially since the temperatures are warming up, I would like to commit more of my workout days to running with a special focus on getting outdoors more. I always appreciate posts such as Janine's that continue to nudge me to remember why I loved running in the first place. (I recommend that you read the full post; it was really great!) Her post also reminds me of why with so many other things that I could be doing, it is essential to continue carving out time for exercise. I have felt better. I do feel more of a sense of balance in my life.

Last night on the way home from my classes I mapped out a 2 mile run from my house to start bumping up the mileage a little bit. I plan on going tomorrow evening. I'm looking forward to posting about my progress toward my February goal of embracing the joys of running!

*On a side note, I found out about Janine Does Life from the Ben Does Life blog, which has also been a big motivation to me. I just noticed that they added Portland to their 5K tour. I will have to wait and see the date, which should be toward the end of July, but I would love to go. Maybe I can even convince Sister #3 to join in with me if it works out in our schedules.

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  1. Now this is just the kind of inspiration I need, given my last post! Thanks, Sister #3!