Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Run that Almost Wasn't

Wednesday I blogged about my plan to run 2 miles on Thursday. Yet, when I arrived at home with my older daughter, the thoughts started going through my mind - my stomach hurts a little bit, I'm tired, even if I don't run today, I will still be able to get in my 4-5 days a week later.

When my husband and other daughter got home he said, "So you're going to run two miles now, right?"

"Yeah, I have been thinking. I am kind of tired. I'm still deciding," I replied.

"I would like to run too."

"Well we can't both go at the same time because of the girls. Do you want to go or should I go?"

And then he said those magical words, "Go run, Amanda."

So I did. It felt great.

There was a gentle slope on a short part of my route, and I was thinking about how certain aspects of running come back automatically from my high school C/C days, such as running down and up hills.

When I got home, I opened my front door to see the time on my cell phone before going right back out to walk a loop around my neighborhood to cool down.

So much about changing a lifestyle is about sticking to the plan. If I say that I am going to do a certain run or workout on a certain day, I need to do it. If I start negotiating with myself about switching out days, then it is a slippery slope to reverting back to my previous sedentary lifestyle.

I have been and will need to continue, I am assuming, for quite some time to map out my workout days for the week and then stick to it!


  1. So glad to know about your new running blog! I just added it to my Google Reader! Thanks:-)

  2. Great job! It always feels so good when you're done. I swear the hardest part sometimes is just putting on those tights and lacing up your sneaks!