Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Words to Run By

Just do it!

After my hectic week last week, where I only got in two workouts, I am looking forward to being back to a "normal" schedule. This is the time of the school year where so much is happening. Yet I am working hard to refocus and as I mentioned last week, not let one busy week throw me off so completely that it stretches into multiple weeks without working toward my goals of exercising more and thinking about nutrition.

Last night as I was commuting home from my evening classes I was completely exhausted. I thought about how I felt that way during fall semester, especially with the first couple of classes, but I had been surprised that I did not feel that way at the start of the spring semester. I had more energy. I was not as tired.

I attributed some of it to my classes typically getting out about an hour earlier this semester, but last night when I was tired even at my first class, I started to wonder. How much of the way I was feeling better could be attributed to the fact that by the time classes had started I was two weeks in to exercising regularly and eating more balanced meals? How much of a coincidence (or not) was it that the first time this semester I felt truly exhausted was after a long weekend (4 days off) and the week that I was not exercising as much and where I ate out more in between our on the go conferences?

Though I know some of it can be attributed to the time of the year, I also think that I have been feeling so great up until last night because of the benefits of working toward a healthier lifestyle. That's one more thought to motivate me to get right back into my schedule from the start of the year until last week.

I am definitely at the stage where I have to make a conscious effort to get out there and run or go to the gym because having one week off makes it so easy to have one more relaxing evening at home or to choose any other activity on my list of possibilities. Today after school I am planning on coming home and going for an outdoor run if the weather is nice or going to the gym with my Nike shoes encouraging me along the way, reminding me of their slogan.

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